Plate Glass

This policy covers the replacement cost of glass specified in the policy if broken by accident or during theft. A standard burglary policy does not cover breakage of glass.

To enable us to quote for this class of insurance, we require to know the sums insured in respect of plate glass. Each pane of glass should be carefully described to allow easy identification in case of a claim.

The main policy exclusions include: –

  • Breakage arising out of a fire
  • Breakage or damage to frames or framework of any description
  • Cost of removing or replacing fixtures or fittings
  • Breakage due to dilapidation of frames or framework
  • Lettering, painting, embossing, silvering, or other ornamental work
  • Glass other than plat or sheet glass unless specifically insured.
  • Political Risks Exclusion
  • Terrorism Exclusion
  • Losses falling within the policy excess.

Premium Indication

Our indicative premium rate will be communicated once one makes up the request