This cover provides compensation for death, permanent disability and temporary loss of income due to disability, medical expenses and funeral expenses arising from an injury as a result of an accident.
The benefits in this cover would be dependent on the following;

  • Capital Sum Benefit
  • Estimated Annual Earnings
  • Weekly Benefits upto an agreed period
  • Reimbursement up to an agreed limit



A beneficiary will be paid the specified limits or multiples of annual salary in case of the insured person’s death

Permanent Total Disablement:

Total and absolute disablement from engaging in or giving attention to an insured person’s usual occupation.

Temporary Total Disablement:

Disablement wholly preventing an insured person from engaging in or giving attention to usual occupation.

Medical Expenses:

Include operation fees, cost of surgical appliances, dental ophthalmic or nursing home charges and traveling expenses including ambulance costs reasonably incurred by the insured as a result of injury.


Funeral Expenses Benefit: Payment of reasonable sum to cover for funeral expenses.

Accidental death: Provides compensates the beneficiaries of the insured in the event of death of the individual from an accident.
Temporary Total Disablement (Partial disability) – Covers loss of use of certain limbs or body parts for the duration of time until they recover.
Permanent total disability: Covers loss of use of a major part of the body like an eye,hand,leg, speech that an individual cannot recover.
Medical Expenses: Covers any expenses incurred in hospital to cater for any bills as a result of an accident.
Special benefits: covers artificial appliances such as artificial arms, wheelchairs and optical expenses, covers eyeglasses or any other optical treatments resulting from an accident.

Since most of serious claims in this category of risk(Accidents) end up in courts, it is always advisable for employers to be compliant with the Work Injury Act (WIBA and arrange a Group Personal Accident cover which is WIBA compliant in terms of limits described in the Act. i.e Death and Permanent Total Disablement to be 96 months earnings.


Work Injury Benefit Act 2007 was set out by an Act of Parliament. It is a liability protection for employees to ensure every employer compensates employee(s) for Death, Disability, Medical expenses arising from any accidental incidence including occupational diseases and Funeral costs.
While payout under the WIBA section is standard as per the Act, benefits under the GPA cover can be tailored to suit individual needs – say multiplier of 3, 5 or 8 years BUT benefits under WIBA Act are pegged to specific limits which each employer must comply with.

WIBA Benefits:

Death or permanent disability, the compensation is – 96 months earning
Weekly earnings following an accident – Actual earnings up to 52 weeks
Medical expenses up to a specified limit 
Last expense – Kshs. 30, 000 per employee
In order to avoid taking two insurance covers with related benefits, a combined solution is recommended. This is GPA/WIBA insurance. This is a combination of the workmen injury benefit act (WIBA) and Group Personal Accident (GPA) covers, intended to give an employer a one stop solution for employee insurance.