All Risks

This policy provides cover for all risks of loss to property unless occasioned by or happening through any excluded cause.

Property to be insured under this policy should be all that property that is susceptible to accidental damage from other causes other than fire and theft. Property always on the move should also be covered under this policy such as video cameras, mobile phones etc.

The main policy exclusions include: –

  • Computer General Loss Exclusion
  • Political Risks Exclusion,
  • Terrorism Exclusion
  • IT Risks Exclusion Property damaged by its undergoing any process involving the application of heat or the actual process of dyeing, cleaning, repair or renovation.
  • Electrical or mechanical breakdown or faulty manipulation.
  • Wear, tear, gradual deterioration, vermin, inherent vice, rust or atmospheric conditions.
  • Losses falling within the policy excess
  • Theft from motor vehicles unless the property is contained at the time of loss in locked boot or locked locker forming an integral part of the vehicle.
  • Breakage of articles of a brittle nature unless such damage is caused by fire or thieves.
  • Damage to or scratching of lenses unless the apparatus is damaged at the same time.

Premium Indication

Depends on the nature of the property(ies) and items insured.